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Holland taxi

06taxi01Holland has many taxi companies, but you can ask yourself if it is necessary to use a taxi. This because you can reach most places in Holland with public transport. Be aware that using a taxi in Holland is expensive. Using a taxi certainly is expensive compared to public transport or using a car. Taxis can be recognized by the ‘Taxi’ sign on the roof, stickers on the car and blue license plates.

Taxi companies in Holland are obliged to show taxi fares on or in the taxi. Taxi companies are allowed to calculate the taxi fare with a start fare, a fare for each kilometer and a fare for each minute. These taxi fares will be added up. The table below shows the maximum taxi fares in Holland. Before getting in a taxi it is advised to ask the taxi driver what the costs would be. Taxi drivers in Holland are allowed to offer a fixed price.


PersonsMax. start fareMax. kilometer fareMax. fare per minute
Car (4 persons)€2,83€2,08€0,34
Van (5-8 persons)€5,75€2,62€0,39