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Holland bus, tram & metro


In Holland travellers need an OV-chipkaart for travelling by bus, tram and metro. The OV-chipkaart is a prepaid card. For tourists it is advised to buy an anonymous card if you need to use bus, tram or metro in Holland. Costs of the OV-chipkaart are €7,50 and it can be bought at stations, shops and supermarkets. Find an OV-chipkaart selling point here. Charging an OV-chipkaart is possible at train stations. When you use the OV-chipkaart you need to check in when entering the public transport and check out when you get out. Do not forget to check out, otherwise the card will be empty. With check out the machine will show how much credit is left.

The OV-chipkaart can also be used for the train, although there still are paper tickets. For travelling by train in Holland it is advised to use paper tickets because paper tickets are cheaper than the OV-chipkaart if you use train services from multiple train companies.

Tram and metro services are available in largest cities in Holland. Bus services can be found all over the country. There are frequent bus services in cities and between cities and large villages. In small villages and rural areas there usually is a bus service every hour. This website can be used for planning your journey by bus, tram or metro.