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Holland transport

Holland transport shows several types of transport in Holland. Tourists who visit Holland by car can easily get to all places of interest. But tourists who arrive by plane have to choose between public transport, taxi or car rental. For day trips they also can book organized tours. The main reason tourists choose for organized day tours is that they do not know how to reach touristic attractions and other places of interest. But planning a trip by yourself gives flexibility. You do not have to wake up early to catch the bus, but start the day on the moment you wish. You do not have a tight schedule and have to rush to see all sights in cities, but have sufficient time for sightseeing in cities and touristic attractions. And another reason to plan your own day trip is that planning your own trip usually is cheaper than booking organized day tours.

Click below for the types of Holland transport. Holland has an extensive railway network. Tourists can easily travel by public transport certainly if you mainly stay in the western part of Holland. Most cities have train stations and distances are not so large. Also to other parts of Holland you can travel by train. For instance to Zuid-Limburg or Friesland. If there is not a train station then travelling by bus still is possible. In that case buy an OV-chipkaart.

The page Holland transport shows information about how to visit the places of interest. Links to route planners are included to make it easy to plan your own day trips. Information about travel time by public transport is showed on the pages of the cities ‘Travel to …’. And you can also plan your own trip by public transport here.

Read also about how to get in Holland. Information about facilities on airports, ferries and international trains to Holland. How to get from airports to cities and information about departures, arrivals and maps of airports.



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