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Giethoorn is a village in the province Overijssel and is known as ‘Venice of the North’. This because Giethoorn was a car-free town. The old part of Giethoorn still does not have roads, except a cycle path. All transport is done by water or bicycle.

Giethoorn history: The first people settled on the peat soils of Giethoorn around the year 1200, making it the first peat district of Holland. In the 14th century the production of peat grew and people dug canals to transport it. This caused that houses were built on small islands that were connected with bridges. In Giethoorn there are more than 176 bridges.

Giethoorn sightseeing: The best way to explore the canals of Giethoorn is to make a boat trip. Several companies rent boats and canoes or offer roundtrips. With a bicycle it also is possible to explore Giethoorn and surrounding areas. There are several museums in Giethoorn like ‘t Olde Maat Uus’, ‘De Oude Aarde’ and ‘Histomobil’. Further National Park Weerribben-Wieden is a beautiful area, although it is a bit further away.



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Canoeing                                          Canals in Giethoorn                         Lake Bovenwijde


How to get in Giethoorn: By car: from Amsterdam take first A10, then follow A1 and A6 to Almere. From Utrecht take A27 in the direction Almere. From Almere follow the A6 and take exit 16. Go right and follow the N715 to Marknesse. There go left to Vollenhove. From Vollenhove  follow N762 to Giethoorn. From A6 exit 16 to Giethoorn is 30 minutes by car.                                                                                                               Public transport: easiest is to take the train to Steenwijk. From Steenwijk Station there is a bus every hour to Zwolle. After 15 minutes you reach Giethoorn. You can also plan your Giethoorn trip here and read more about using public transport here.


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HistomobilCanalsBoat trip
‘t Olde Maat UusCycling
De Oude AardeHiking
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Giethoorn map

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