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Zuid-Limburg is the most southern part of the Netherlands. The landscape is completely different compared to the grassland with dikes and windmills in the western and northern part of the Netherlands. The Zuid-Limburg landscape is hilly, has sunken lanes, many castles and some forests. This makes Zuid-Limburg also a very popular holiday destination for Dutch who are used to the grasslands.

Zuid-Limburg history: Many cities and villages in Zuid-Limburg are established by the Romans. In 384 Christianity was introduced by Servatius which played an important role in the history of Zuid-Limburg. The Franks defeated the Romans and during the Middle Ages the area was disputed between the French, Dutch, Prussians and Spanish troops. During the sixties of the 20th century the economy blossomed because of the coal mines. Now the mines are closed, but tourism stimulates economy in Zuid-Limburg.

Zuid-Limburg sightseeing and activities: Maastricht is by far the most touristic city in Zuid-Limburg and also popular by the Dutch. Tourists also easily can travel by train to Maastricht. Further there are some nice and cozy villages in Zuid-Limburg like Gulpen and Valkenburg aan de Geul. Valkenburg has a train station too. A very popular activity is mountain biking. Bicycles can be rent in villages like Gulpen and Valkenburg and there are several routes in Zuid-Limburg. Some of them are for starters, others for experts. Of course people can also enjoy the hilly scenery during hiking.



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Drielandenpunt Vaals                       Zuid-Limburg scenery                      Gulpen


How to get to Zuid-Limburg: By car: from Amsterdam and Utrecht follow the A2 to Maastricht. Near Geleen you can continue on the A2 of take the A76.                                                                                       Public transport: from Amsterdam or Utrecht take the intercity train to Maastricht. In Sittard you can continue to Maastricht or change to Heerlen.                                                                                                                 By plane: Maastricht has an airport with destinations mainly in south and west Europe.                                 You can plan your Zuid-Limburg trip here and read more about using public transport here.


Cities in Zuid-LimburgVillages in Zuid-LimburgZuid-Limburg attractions and sightseeing
HeerlenEpenDiscovery Center Continium
MaastrichtSlenakenGaia Zoo
SittardValkenburg aan de GeulKasteel Hoensbroek (castle)
Mondo Verde
Parks in Zuid-LimburgZuid-Limburg activitiesNetherlands American Cemetry
BrunssummerheideHikingThermen Museum
Park Gravenrode(Mountain)biking


Zuid-Limburg map

Zoom in on the map of Zuid-Limburg and click the symbols for more information about how to get to Zuid-Limburg: