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Delta park Neeltje Jans

Delta park Neeltje Jans is a water theme park at an artificial island in Zeeland. Here people can visit the Delta Works that are built to protect land against flooding. There also are tourist attractions and people can taste local specialities.

Delta park Neeltje Jans history: The origin of the name Neeltje Jans isn’t completely sure, but people assume that the name is derived from a ship with the name Neeltje Jans that sank on a sandbank in the 18th century. The sandbank got the name Neeltje Jans and later the island was named to it. Another derivative is from the word ‘Nehalennia’ which means ‘Lady of the North Sea’. This also corresponds to the logo with the mermaid.

Protecting land against water always has been important in Holland. In 1953 large areas of Holland flooded and after that it was decided to start building the Delta Works. The Oosterscheldekering (Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier) was built between 1979 en 1986 and is the largest of the 13 Delta Works. Later the information centre became theme park Delta park Neeltje Jans.

Delta park Neeltje Jans activities: People can see several kinds of marine mammals like dolphins, seals and sea-lions. There also is a water playground and you can make a boat trip on the Eastern Scheldt. New at Delta park Neeltje Jans is the Hurricane Simulator that simulates a storm. The main attraction of course is the Delta Work itself. The Expo shows the story behind the Delta Works with models, photos and audio-visual presentations.



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Entrance of Neeltje Jans                  Seal show                                         Storm surge barrier


Delta park Neeltje Jans admission: The entrance fee for adults and children from the age of 4 is €22,50. With online booking it’s €19,-. The entrance fee for children between 2 and 3 year is €3,50. Neeltje Jans is open from March 23rd until November 3rd, daily from 10:00 until 17:30 hour. Ticket sales cease one hour before closing time.

How to get to Delta park Neeltje Jans: By car: Delta park Neeltje Jans is located along the N57. It’s about 70 minutes from Rotterdam and Breda and 25 minutes from Middelburg.                                           Public transport: Middelburg Station to Neeltje Jans: take bus 133 to Oude Tonge. With this bus it’s 30 minutes to stop Delta park Neeltje Jans. You can also plan your trip here and read more about using public transport here.

Go to the website from Delta park Neeltje Jans for more information or buy tickets with discount here.


Delta park Neeltje Jans map

Zoom in on the map of Zealand and click the symbols for more information about how to get to Delta park Neeltje Jans: