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The Hague day trips


Many tourists make day trips from The Hague with organized tours. The main reason to chose organized tours is that tourists do not know how to reach touristic attractions and other places of interest. Below is a list with The Hague day trips that tourists can easily reach with public transport. The advantage is that is usually is cheaper to make your own day trips. Another advantage of making your own day trips is that you are flexible and can decide how long you want to visit the tourist attraction. Read more about using public transport in Holland here.


01delft01The Hague to Delft   (15min by public transport / 16min by car)   Half day

Delft is located between Rotterdam and The Hague. Delft is a city with historic town centre with canals. It also is well-known because of the Delft University of Technology, Delft pottery and the painter Vermeer. Places of interest in Delft are Markt, the churches, canals and museums like Legermuseum and Royal Delft. It also is possible to make a canal tour in Delft.



The Hague to Dordrecht   (38min by public transport / 35min by car)   Half day

Dordrecht is the oldest city of Holland and has a rich history. In the Middle Ages Dordrecht was an important market city because of the strategic location. Places of interest in Dordrecht are the canals, harbours, several churches, a windmill and the Groothoofdspoort. Perhaps most spectacular is a view from the Grote Kerk of Dordrecht.


The Hague to Gouda   (17min by public transport / 23min by car)   Half day01gouda01

Gouda is a city with historic town centre. The historic buildings and churches make it together with the famous Gouda cheese market a popular day trip destination for tourists. Other places of interest are the Verzetsmuseum, Museum Gouda and the Waaier locks.


01keukenhof02The Hague to Keukenhof   (1hr08min by public transport / 30min by car)   Full day

The Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden and is situated near Lisse. It also is known as ‘Garden of Europe’. Annually about seven million flower bulbs are planted at an area of 32 hectares. The Keukenhof 2014 is open from March 20th until May 18th. Yearly the park attracts about 900.000 visitors from all over the world, which makes it one of the most popular attractions in Holland.


01Kinderdijk4The Hague to Kinderdijk   (1hr47min by public transport / 42min by car)   Half day

The windmills of Kinderdijk are one of the best known Dutch tourist sights and placed on UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997. The windmills protected the land against flooding. Kinderdijk has 19 windmills and two pumping stations. Visiting Kinderdijk is something you can not miss.


01Leiden01The Hague to Leiden   (11min by public transport / 18min by car)   Half day

Leiden is a city in the province South Holland and famous because of the university of Leiden and medical centre. Like Amsterdam Leiden also has canals and historical buildings. Places to see in Leiden are The Burcht, Hooglandse Kerk and Hortus Botanicus. Making a canal tour in Leiden is possible too. Tourists can easily visit Leiden because of the direct train connection.


01Rotterdam04The Hague to Rotterdam   (26min by public transport / 22min by car)   Full day

Rotterdam is the second-largest city of the Netherlands and Rotterdam port is one of the largest ports of the world. Rotterdam looks modern and the Rotterdam skyline looks impressive with modern architecture. Rotterdam has a wide range of museums, attractions, shops and restaurants. In the evening enjoy Rotterdam nightlife. Read about places to see in Rotterdam on this page.


01scheveningen01The Hague to Scheveningen   (18min by public transport / 12min by car)   Half day

Scheveningen is a modern seaside resort with beach, boulevard and pier. Other attractions in Scheveningen are casinos, theatres and events like New Years dive and fireworks in summer. Further Scheveningen is popular for water sports like surfing and kite boarding. Scheveningen beach could be very crowded during sunny summer days.


01Utrecht04The Hague to Utrecht   (37min by public transport / 44min by car)   Half day

Since the 8th century Utrecht has been the religious centre of The Netherlands, making it one of the most important cities of the Netherlands. Utrecht has many old buildings and structures from the Middle Ages. The central location within The Netherlands makes it an important place for rail and road transport. Read about places to see in Utrecht on this page.