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Groningen day trips


Many tourists make a day trip to Groningen, but from Groningen you also can make day trips to touristic places. Below is a list with Groningen day trips that tourists can easily reach with public transport. The advantage is that is usually is cheaper to make your own day trips than choosing organized tours. Another advantage of making your own day trips is that you are flexible and can decide how long you want to visit the tourist attraction. Read more about using public transport in Holland here.


Groningen to Ameland   (2hr by public transport / 1hr by car + 45min by ferry)   Full day

Ameland is one of the Frisian Islands, or Wadden Islands. The ferry to Ameland departs from Holwerd, which is about 2 hours from Groningen. The most touristic villages is Nes. Popular activities at Ameland are hiking, cycling and mudflat hiking.


Groningen to Friesland   (1hr by public transport / 45min by car)   Full day

Friesland is a province in the north of the Netherlands. Many tourists visit the historical centres of villages in Friesland and the lakes are popular for sports like sailing, skutsjesilen and in winter ice skating. Touristic places in Friesland are the cities Leeuwarden, Sneek and Harlingen. Further villages like Makkum, Hindeloopen and Stavoren are popular in Friesland. Those cities and some of those villages have a train station, which makes it for tourists easy to visit Friesland. Cycling also is a nice way to explore the province.


Groningen to Pieterburen   (1hr by public transport / 33min by car)   Half day

Pieterburen is a small village near Lauwersoog. Pieterburen is known for its seal rehabilitation centre Zeehondencreche Lenie ‘t Hart and the start of the Pieterpad, which is a long-distance hiking trail to Sint-Pieter in the far south of the Netherlands.


Groningen to Schiermonnikoog   (1hr by public transport / 46min by car + 45min by ferry)   Full day

Schiermonnikoog is another Frisian or Wadden Islands. The ferry to Schiermonnikoog departs from Lauwersoog, which is about 1 hour from Groningen. Tourists are not allowed to bring their car to the island, so buses and bicycles are the main means of transport. The whole island is part of Schiermonnikoog National Park. Popular activities at Schiermonnikoog are hiking, cycling and mudflat hiking.


Groningen to Wadden Sea   (1hr by public transport / 46min by car)   Full day

The Wadden Sea is located north of the province Groningen. It mainly are the Frisian or Wadden Islands that are popular for tourists, but the coast of Groningen offers another activity with low tide, which is mudflat hiking. Mudflat hiking tours (wadlopen) start at several places like Lauwersoog, Noordpolderzijl, Holwerd and the Wadden Islands. Reservation is compulsory.