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Travel to Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city that offers a lot, but of course it’s important how to get in Amsterdam. Below is a list that shows travel time and distance to Amsterdam. It shows how to get in Amsterdam from international destinations like from Paris to Amsterdam, but also within the Netherlands like how to get from Schiphol to Amsterdam or from Amsterdam to Rotterdam.

The upper part is with departure from international destinations and the lower part with destinations in the Netherlands. Destinations in the Netherlands are the largest cities and places to visit around Amsterdam that are worthwhile for a day trip. The international airports are important hubs and have direct flights to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. For destinations in the Netherlands the time by public transport and by car is showed in the table. To get a complete itinerary you can plan your trip to Amsterdam here on and read more about using public transport here.


... to Schiphol AirportBy plane
New York7hr30min
... to AmsterdamBy train
... to AmsterdamBy public transportBy car
Eindhoven Airport1hr54min1hr22min (126km)
Groningen Airport Eelde3hr07min1hr50min (190km)
Maastricht-Aachen Airport3hr19min2hr02min (207km)
Rotterdam-The Hague Airport1hr22min51min (72km)
Schiphol Airport18min20min (19km)
... to AmsterdamBy public transportBy car
Hook of Holland1hr36min1hr05min (83km)
IJmuiden1hr15min34min (29km)
Amsterdam to ...By public transportBy car
Almere21min33min (34km)
Apeldoorn59min1hr05min (88km)
Arnhem1hr06min1hr12min (99km)
Breda1hr07min1hr19min (110km)
Eindhoven1hr21min1hr25min (129km)
Enschede2hr13min1hr40min (161km)
Groningen2hr07min1hr44min (180km)
Haarlem15min28min (20km)
Maastricht2hr24min2hr10min (217km)
Nijmegen1hr24min1hr21min (121km)
Rotterdam41min55min (76km)
's-Hertogenbosch59min1hr07min (95km)
The Hague (CS)48min45min (62km)
Tilburg1hr21min1hr25min (122km)
Utrecht27min42min (46km)
Amsterdam to ...By public transportBy car
Alkmaar36min41min (40km)
Enkhuizen57min52min (60km)
Keukenhof1hr36min (39km)
Leiden34min38min (47km)
Volendam31min25min (23km)
Zaandam11min20min (16km)
Zaanse Schans36min19min (17km)
Zandvoort31min42min (30km)