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Holland events

In every season there are many events in Holland and traditions that are celebrated. Festivals, parades, sport events and expositions. Below is a list with the most important events. In Holland most popular in spring are the events with flowers. In summer festivals and winter the traditions Sinterklaas and Christmas with Christmas markets. The event of the year in Holland is Kings Day. On this national day Holland turns orange. Do not miss this.


Keukenhof Gardens 2014 (2014/03/20 – 2015/05/18)

With 32 hectares and approximately 7 million flower bulbs the Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden! This is situated near Lisse and yearly more than 800.000 people visit it. A great experience that you shouldn’t miss. There can be traffic jams certainly when weather is good. You can also get there by public transport. You can buy a combi-ticket and special busses from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol bring you directly to the entrance. You can find more information about the Keukenhof here.


Flower Parade 2014 (2014/05/03)

With the Flowe Parade floats decorated with colourful flowers drive a 40 kilometer route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. More information about the Flower Parade here.


Remembrance Day 2014 (2014/05/04)

Remembrance Day is the day that Dutch people commemorate the civilian and military victims of war. At 8pm there is two minutes silence. Commemorative services are in most cities and villages.


Liberation Day 2014 (2014/05/05)

The celebration of the capitulation of Germany in World War II. All over the country there are celebrations. Most popular for concerts is Amsterdam. Liberation Day in Wageningen is popular because of soldiers and veterans who gather together.


North Sea Regatta 2014 (2014/05/30 – 2014/06/09)

The first days during North Sea Regatta boats sail between Scheveningen and Harwich (England). The last days there is a competition along the Dutch coast near Scheveningen, the North Sea Regatta Series.


Flag Day (2014/06/07)

Flag Day is a tradition in Holland. On this day the arrival of the new herring, Hollandse Nieuwe, is celebrated. The Dutch delicacy raw herring can be eaten all year round, but tastes best in June. Some days earlier in Scheveningen there is an auction for the first barrel and profit goes to charity.


Pinkpop 2014 (2014/06/07 – 2014/06/09)

Pinkpop is a 3-day festival that traditionally takes place on Pentecost weekend, but not in 2013 because it’s too early in the year and by that weather could be chill. There are three stages and about 60.000 people visit Pinkpop daily. Some bands that will perform on the Pinkpop 2013 edition are The Killers, Kings of Leon and Green Day. It always is sold out in short time. Read more about Pinkpop here.


Oerol Festival 2014 (2014/06/13 – 2014/06/22)

This festival is about public theatre, music and visual arts and takes place on the streets of the island Terschelling.


Day of Architecture 2014 (2014/06/28 – 2014/06/29)

The theme of the Day of Architecture for 2013 was ’24 hours with architecture’. Many buildings are open for public and people can get a guided tour and information about the architecture during these days.


TT Assen 2014 (2014/06/26 – 2014/06/28)

The longest-running event on the MotoGP calender. The first race was in 1925 and since then the race is held yearly late June, except during World War II. MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 compete in the races. During the event there also are activities in the city of Assen, known as ‘Night of Assen’ (Nacht van Assen / TT Festival). There are concerts, processions and a fun fair. Read more about the TT Assen here.


Sensation 2014 (2014/07/05)

The electronic dance event Sensation traditionally takes place in the Amsterdam Arena. People are dressed in white clothes. Read more about Sensation here.


North Sea Jazz Festival 2014 (2014/07/11 – 2014/07/13)

North Sea Jazz is the biggest jazz festival in the world and yearly takes place in the Rotterdam Ahoy. Read more about the North Sea Jazz Festival here.


Rotterdam Unlimited 2014 (2014/07/18 – 2014/07/20)

A new festival in Rotterdam, including the traditional Rotterdam Summer Carnival and Dunya Rotterdam festival. It’s a mix of music, dancing, food and drinks and of course the colorful carnival procession. More information about Rotterdam Unlimited here.


Fun Fair Tilburg 2014 (2014/07/18 – 2014/07/27)

The biggest fun fair of the Benelux that yearly has about 230 attractions. With more than one million visitors it’s one of the best visited events in Holland.


Zwarte Cross 2014 (2014/07/18 – 2014/07/20)

The biggest motor event in the world with a combination of motor cross, music, theatre and stunts. The name is a reference to the illegal motor race in the 60s. Zwarte Cross takes place in Lichtenvoorde. Read more about Zwarte Cross here.


Amsterdam Gay Pride 2014 (2014/08/01 – 2013/08/06)

The Amsterdam Gay Pride is a celebration of devotion towards equality for gays, lesbians and transgenders. This event is yearly held in Amsterdam and has a famous canal pride which is in 2013 on August 3rd. The 2013 of the Gay Pride is ‘Reflect’. Read more about the Gay Pride in Amsterdam here.


Lowlands 2014 (2014/08/15 – 2014/08/17)

Lowlands is an annual music festival that takes place next to amusement park Walibi Holland in Biddinghuizen. More than ten stages and over 200 acts attract 55.000 visitors. It always is sold out in short time. More information about Lowlands can be red here.


VKV City Racing Rotterdam (2014/08/31)

Since 2005 every year racing cars come to Rotterdam. Have a look and see parades of international racing cars and demonstrations of Formula One cars in the streets of Rotterdam. Admission free.


Preuvenemint (2013/08/28 – 2013/08/31)

Preuvenemint is about food ad takes place at Vrijthof square in Maastricht every year. Restaurants and catering present their delicacies and meanwhile visitors can enjoy performances of artists. Read more about Preuvenemint here.


World Port Days (2014/09/05 – 2014/09/07)

During the World Port Days in Rotterdam port companies give a glimpse behind the scenes. Visitors can look around in ships, including ships from the navy. And there are demonstrations. Next years theme is ‘The Colorful Harbor’. Read more about the World Port Days here.


European Heritage Days (2013/09/13)

Thousands of historical buildings and sites are open for public during the European Heritage Days (in Dutch ‘openmonumentendag’). Admission is free and frequently there are performances and guided tours. Read more about the European Heritage Days here.


Prinsjesdag (2013/09/16)

The opening-day of Dutch Parliament and the day that the monarch gives a speech in the Ridderzaal in The Hague. The speech is about the government policy for the coming year and members of the Senate and House of Representatives attend in the Ridderzaal. More information about Prinsjesdag here.


Amsterdam Dance Event (2014/10/17 – 2014/10/20)

During the Amsterdam Dance Event, ADE, more than 1700 artists perform in the best clubs in Amsterdam. It’s the world’s biggest club festival for electronic genres. More information about the Amsterdam Dance Event here.


Museum Night Amsterdam (2014/11/01)

During the Museum Night about 50 museums in Amsterdam are open and organise events like workshops, concerts and performances. Read more about Museum Night Amsterdam here.


Sinterklaas (2014/12/05)

The birthday of Saint Nicholas annually is celebrated on December 5th. Traditionally children get presents with Sinterklaas and there are typical treats like pepernoten, kruidnoten and chocolate letters and coins. This year Sinterklaas will arrive in Holland in Groningen on November 16th. Read more about the Dutch tradition Sinterklaas here.


Christmas town Valkenburg (2014/11/– – 2014/12/–)

During these weeks Valkenburg will turn into a Christmas town with Christmas markets in the caves of Valkenburg, sand sculptures, music and a Christmas Parade. Read more about Christmas town Valkenburg (Kerststad Valkenburg) here.


Christmas market Dordrecht (2014/12/12 – 2014/12/14)

The largest Christmas market in Holland with 200 stalls is in Dordrecht. There is live entertainment, an ice-skating-rink and hot treats. More information about Christmas market Dordrecht can be red here.


Dickens Festijn (2014/12/20 – 2014/12/21)

During this weekend the Bergkwartier of Deventer changes to the 19th century of Charles Dickens. 900 Figures from Charles Dickens books revive in an ambience of Christmas. There is music and shops are open. Read more about the Dickens Festijn here.


Glass House (2014/12/18 – 2014/12/24)

This year the Glass House will be in Haarlem. During these days three deejays of 3FM are locked up in the glass studio and they don’t eat. Public can request songs if they donate money, which goes to the Red Cross Foundation that uses it for a silent disaster.


New Years Eve (2014/12/31)

Traditionally in Holland a cosy evening with family or friends and traditional snacks like oliebollen and appelbeignets. The new year in Holland is celebrated with fireworks. Many people gather in Amsterdam at Dam Square and in Rotterdam near the Erasmus bridge for the national firework.




New Years Dive 2015 (2015/01/01)

Many people dive into the cold water on New Years Day. It’s tradition and can be done at about 90 locations spread over the country. The New Years Dive at Scheveningen beach is most popular with 10.000 participants. Participation costs €2,-


Holland Food & Flowers (2015/../.. – 2015/../..)

On of the things Holland is famous of are bulbs and flowers. Have a look to the flowers, beautiful gardens and get information about the seed industry. You can take part of workshops and taste fruits, vegetables and herbs. Read more information about the event here.


Carnival 2015 (2015/02/15 – 2015/02/17)

This event is widely celebrated in Noord-Brabant and Limburg, the two provinces in the south of the country. Most cities and villages have a carnival procession and fairs. People wear colourful dresses, sing songs and drink a lot of beer. Also some other cities in Holland celebrate it.


Keukenhof Gardens 2015 (2015/03/26 – 2014/05/24)

With 32 hectares and approximately 7 million flower bulbs the Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden! This is situated near Lisse and yearly more than 800.000 people visit it. A great experience that you shouldn’t miss. There can be traffic jams certainly when weather is good. You can also get there by public transport. You can buy a combi-ticket and special busses from Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden and Schiphol bring you directly to the entrance. You can find more information about the Keukenhof here.


Marathon of Rotterdam 2015 (2015/04/12)

The Rotterdam marathon is the largest running event in Holland with more than 24.000 runners including the best runners in the world. You can join the marathon and as a visitor of the city you have to be aware that some roads are blocked and the city is crowded during this day. Read more about the Rotterdam marathon here.


Kings Night 2015 (2015/04/26)

Kings Day starts in many cities with flea markets and concerts the night before. The concert in The Hague is the most famous and has 7 stages.


Kings Day 2015 (2015/04/27)

The event of the year in Holland! More than 120 years long Holland had a queen, but in 2013 queen Beatrix abdicated. By that crown prince Willem-Alexander became the new king and Queens Day on April 30th changed into Kings Day on April 27th, the birthday of king Willem-Alexander. This celebration is the largest event in Holland. People wear orange clothes and all over the country you will find celebration parties with markets, concerts and a lot of beer. Don’t miss this special day! If the 27th is on a Sunday, then it’s celebrated the day before or after.