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Dutch food

Traditionally, breakfast and lunch are bread with a topping and dinner boiled vegetables with potatoes and meat. Potatoes became popular in Holland in the 18th century and sometimes even were eaten every meal of the day, which made it very monotony. Popular drinks in Holland besides water, coffee and tea were beer and jenever. In the 20th century girls got cooking lessons at school and migrant workers came to Holland. By that new food was introduced and diet changed.

In Holland breakfast and lunch are almost the same. Bread with several kinds of toppings. This can be slices of meat or cheese, but also sweet toppings like ‘hagelslag’ (chocolate sprinkles), chocolate spread or peanut butter. One of the things the Dutch are famous of is cheese. There are many kinds of cheese and taste differs depending on the area it comes from. With breakfast sometimes ‘ontbijtkoek’ is eaten, which is a brown cake.

Most people in Holland have coffee time between 10 and 11am, 3 and 4pm and 8 and 9pm. They drink coffee or tea, sometimes with a pastry, but usually with a biscuit like ‘stroopwafel’ or ‘bitterkoekje’.

In Holland dinner usually is around 6pm, which is early for international standards. Traditional Dutch food is ‘stamppot’, which is a vegetable like endive, carrots or cabbage with mashed potatoes and served with meat. After dinner there is a dessert, which can be ‘vla’ (vanilla custard), yoghurt or pudding.

Of course there is a lot of other traditional Dutch food. Below is a list with Dutch food.


02food01  02food02  02food03

Stamppot                                          Brood met kroket                             Stroopwafels


Breakfast & LunchDessertCandies & Biscuits
Fast FoodSpekkies
AsparagusFlour dishes
GehaktbalPannenkoekAlcoholic drink
SudderlapjeKibbeling (fried codfish)
Smoked eel