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Dutch architecture

Since the 17th century architecture always has been important in Holland. That time was the Golden Age for Holland. Cities expanded and town halls and storehouses had to be built and of course those buildings had to be designed by architects. Well known architects are Jacob van Campen and Hendrik de Keyser. Holland also had several colonies, so that’s why Dutch architecture also can be seen in places like Jakarta, Willemstad and Swellendam.

During the 20th century Dutch architects played an important role in Modernism. Famous Dutch architects are H.P. Berlage, Michel de Klerk and J.J.P. Oud. They were part of groups like the Amsterdamse School and De Stijl.

Cities like Rotterdam and The Hague sustained heavy damage in World War II. The centre of Rotterdam was almost completely destroyed and only few buildings remained. After the war the cities were rebuilt rapidly. Nowadays Rotterdam is modern and the city of architecture in Holland. The Rotterdam skyline is impressive and Rotterdam also is known as Manhattan on the Meuse.

In the table a list of famous Dutch architects and a list of some famous buildings in Holland. The historical buildings mainly can be found in the city centres. Modern architecture near the edge of cities.


02Architectuur05  02Architectuur04  02Architectuur06

Rietveld Schröder huis                     Kubuswoningen                                Kop van Zuid


Dutch architectsArchitecture before WWIIModern architecture
Jaap BakemaBinnenhof (The Hague)Beeld en Geluid (Hilversum)
Hendrik Petrus BerlageCentraal Station (Amsterdam)Ceramique (Maastricht)
Jacob van CampenDe Dageraad (Amsterdam)Chassé-terrein (Breda)
Willem DudokGrachtenpanden (Amsterdam)Kop van Zuid (Rotterdam)
Jan DuikerKoninklijk Paleis (Amsterdam)Kubuswoningen (Rotterdam)
Erick van EgeraatVan Nellefabriek (Rotterdam)Kunsthal (Rotterdam)
Herman HertzbergerRietveld Schröder huis (Utrecht)Stadshart (Almere)
Rem KoolhaasHet Schip (Amsterdam)Zaanse huisjes hotel (Zaandam)
J.J.P. OudStation (Haarlem)Zuidas (Amsterdam)
Gerrit Rietveld
Sjoerd Soeters