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Feel free to post a comment here on Journey2Holland. Comments, questions, suggestions and also ideas to improve the website are welcome! You can also contact me by mail:


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6 Responses to Contact

  1. wendy

    Dear sirs: I was wondering if there are any bus tours through Friesland especially from Maastricht. Thank you for your time.


    • admin

      Dear Wendy,

      As far as I know there are not organized bus tours from Maastricht to Friesland, because it is a long distance. But you can take the train from Maastricht to Amsterdam or Leeuwarden (Friesland) and join an organized tour over there or make a plan by yourself; perhaps you find some interesting information on the page about Friesland

      You can plan your trip with this website By train it is 4hr40min from Maastricht to Leeuwarden, so probably best is to find accommodation for a night in Friesland if you want to visit this beautiful area. I know that has day tours in Friesland, departing from Alkmaar (north of Amsterdam).
      %20hindeloopen%20hindelopen%20friese%20meren Unfortunately this website is in Dutch, but maybe you can translate it with Google Translate.

      Nice places to visit are Leeuwarden, Harlingen, Sneek (they all have a train station) and the lakes south of Sneek. Another nice way to explore the area is to rent a bicycle. This costs about 10 euro a day. Most times it is possible to rent bicycles at large train stations like the cities mentioned above.

      I hope the information is helpful, feel free to ask. Enjoy your stay! Rob

  2. Paul Kelly

    We have a group of 150 – 250 people travelling to the Hague for the Hockey World Cup from 31st MAy – 15th June

    We would like to offer day tours for people to see other parts of Holland and beyond. Are your tours run on a daily basis or would we need to do a charter..

    Could you send me rates and times for these trips please

    • admin

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your question. I don’t organize tours myself, on my website I only provide information about sightseeing for tourists who visit Holland. Of course it depends on the place where your guests stay, but personally I think they can visit sights in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague with public transport. The sights described on this website have a description about how to go there by public transport. For other places of interest you perhaps can look for organized tours. Enjoy your stay in Holland!

      Best regards,

  3. Missie

    Rotterdam to Dordrecht, you say 14 min. by public transport, which is from where to where exactly and by what means and at what cost? We will be in Rotterdam just a few hours on June 21 waiting to go back to sea on the HAL Rotterdam and thought about going to Dordrecht. So exactly how would we do that from the cruise port? I know how to get to the windmills, is it the same boat, just stay on instead of getting off there? thanks, M.

    • admin

      Hi Missie,

      It’s 14 minutes by train from Rotterdam Central Station to Dordrecht Station. The costs for a one-way-ticket are €4,10.

      From the cruise port you can take metro D from Wilhelminaplein to Central Station, although you need an OV-chipcard for the metro (you can read information about this card here So if you only are for a couple of hours in Rotterdam then I doubt it’s worthwhile to buy this card (€7,50+balance to travel). If you don’t want to buy the OV-chipcard then it’s best to walk to train station Rotterdam Blaak, which is about 20 minutes from the cruise port. From Rotterdam Blaak it’s 12 minutes by train to Dordrecht Station (€4,10). Dordrecht Station to the city centre is only a 5 minute walk.

      To the windmills of Kinderdijk you can go by Rebus boat They have a 4 hour tour that departs at 12 o’clock. Their boat departs at Boompjes, which only is 10 minutes from the cruise port. Furthermore I described several other ways to get in Kinderdijk on my travel blog “Discovering the Globe” I hope this information is helpful for you. Feel free to ask more.

      Best regards,

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